The Anatomy of Pain.

Pain. What does it mean to you?  How would you define it? This is a topic that I’ve been digesting quite a bit lately.  Why, I don’t know for sure. It just seems to keep popping up for some reason.  Or at least more often than usual, since pain is part of what I do […]

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It’s been one of those weeks.  This time of year is hard for me for many reasons. First off, Ohio is not pleasant this time of year. I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly care for the grey skies and the dropping temperatures.  I guess I wouldn’t mind so much if there were some sunshine, but […]

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Swim swum.

So this happened. I showed up and I did it. It was amazing being back in the pool that I swam at as a young child. Literally nothing had changed. As we got closer to the pool, my friend, who is also a long time swimmer, and I began to get nervous and excited. This […]

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Thankfulness x 2

After posting about thankfulness, I need to go back and thank everyone who reads these blogs. I have followers here and on FB that I didn’t realize I had. I’ve had people tell me they enjoy my blogs, but there’s no way for me to know who reads what. So, thank you, friends, for your […]

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What is thankfulness?

  Thankfulness. It’s November.  It’s not uncommon to hear people express how thankful they are for the things in their lives.  I know a lot of people that post something new each day on social media that they are thankful for.  I also take time to think about my life and all of my blessings. […]

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From a Mom’s Perspective.

  I am a runner. I’ve been a runner since I can remember. I have memories of running with my dad when I was in first grade. Running is my home base. It’s where I go when everything else around me is falling apart. It’s my happy place; the place where I can be ME. […]

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