New Moon.

New Moon half, quarter, and Crescent Moon 5k – this signals the beginning of summer to me. Every year, for the past 4 or 5 years (I have lost track), Dan and I have done this race.  Except for one year that I can remember, the weather has always been crazy hot and humid.  It’s […]

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Possum 50k race report.

Less than 24 hours before this race, I was completely calm.  It was almost like I wasn’t even racing a 50k. Not a care in the world, but was definitely “carbo loading”.  I took some time to swim and loosen up, took a day off of work so I’d be off of my feet, but […]

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It’s Spring.  It’s May.  May and I have a love/hate relationship. I enjoy the springtime.  I look forward to the colors, of course.  But I love to see the green stuff even more.   The bright green leaves give me a sense of peace, and somehow, I feel more energetic when I look out of the […]

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Days of Dan.

It’s a thing in our house.  The Days of Dan. Whenever my husband is lucky enough to get some time off of work, we all celebrate.  It’s something we plan for and look forward to. The Days of Dan mean that dad is home for a week or so, and we get him all to […]

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Running Buddies.

Another successful attempt to involve my kids in running.  These two accompanied me to their first official trail race today.  It was so fun to see them take in a new experience. Aiden is what I call a reluctant runner; he balks when I suggest a run, but then he returns from his run grinning […]

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I can’t want it.

This is what our four year old says. I love it. My husband and I say it now – a lot. Today started out rough. I woke up with the sore throat that is going around the house. I didn’t want to get up and make breakfast and clean and be an adult. This was […]

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That’s the word I choose today. Amazing.  My daughter is an amazing human being. Abby just turned nine.  She has constantly surprised me these past nine years.  She is incredibly intuitive, intelligent, deeply spiritual, and so down to earth.  She is everything I would want her to be, neatly packaged in a beautiful and wonderful […]

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