Embracing the Moment.

So, do you? Do you embrace the moment?  Do any of us, really? When you see something that takes your breath away, do you stop? Do you enjoy that gift? Or do keep moving on to whatever is next? When you talk with someone, do you look them in the eye? Do you really listen, […]

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When to say no.

I feel like I’m not qualified to write on this topic. Maybe I’m hoping I’ll take my own advice?  Let’s see what happens…. Do you commit yourself easily?  Does someone mention an opportunity to you and you simply can’t resist?  Are you afraid that if you say no, the opportunity won’t be presented to you […]

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The pendulum swings.

Some mornings, I get out of bed and feel like I can tackle anything. I can conquer the world. Other mornings, I feel heavy and slow.  I feel like just getting the kids out to the school bus is like climbing Mt. Everest. Evenings can be worse.  I beat myself up over little things that […]

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Funny story….

So, this mom takes her kids for a run….not every joke starts like that right? I digress…. Running is like truth serum. I’m sure you all know this, especially my buddies in MRTT. (For those of you that are not familiar with MRTT – Moms Run This Town – it’s a free running group for […]

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Mudfest 2019

Rocks and Roots Trail: Race Report. One word….mud.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, trust me. I know some of you out there reading this blog were there, and you probably have better pictures of what the mud really looked like.  This was after I got to my car. I think my shoes actually cleaned […]

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Signing up for races….

Do’s and Don’ts when planning your season…. Are you a race junkie? I am. I know the dates when registration opens every year for my favorite events. I don’t even have to write them on the calendar. I’m also a sucker for Facebook ads. When I see something interesting, I just can’t help but click […]

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Peace and Joy.

Not many people, except my family, know the spiritual side of me. I was born and raised in the Catholic Church, went to Catholic schools, and entered into college.  I got lazy in my Faith for a few years, and it showed. As I have grown older, I have grown closer to my Faith again, […]

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