That’s the word I choose today. Amazing.  My daughter is an amazing human being. Abby just turned nine.  She has constantly surprised me these past nine years.  She is incredibly intuitive, intelligent, deeply spiritual, and so down to earth.  She is everything I would want her to be, neatly packaged in a beautiful and wonderful […]

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On being a mom….

Being a mom.  There’s no job interview, but maybe there should be? There’s no training or job description?  It wouldn’t hurt to have either of those. There’s no paid vacation, no sick time, no excuses. And yet, it is THE most rewarding thing to do with your life, in my humble opinion.  We are the […]

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Viking Dash II race report.

Yesterday was the first time I had run at Delaware State Park in a looooonng time.  I used to run out there for some of the local triathlons way back when.  Usually we ran close to the beach since there was one transition.  I knew there were lots of trails out there, but haven’t had […]

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My running buddy.

I run a lot with my husband.  He’s my most favorite person in the whole wide world. However, I have a very special friend that I love to run with when my Dan isn’t available.  This person came into my life about a year and a half ago, and she makes me a better person. […]

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Starting from scratch.

Every now and then, something causes me to give pause and think.  Sometimes, a situation presents itself that will change my perspective and bring up old beliefs and feelings.  I like when this happens, as I feel this is a sign of growth and maturing. We have four kids.  Each and every one of them […]

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Glad I did it.

As I sit here watching the snow fall in my chair, I am so grateful.  My heart is full. Let me rewind…. It was cold this morning, but I didn’t mind. My husband and I left the house as the sun was coming up, but with the grey skies, it wasn’t exactly picture-perfect.  But, hey, […]

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Not copping out.

Winter has been rough. It’s been hard to get out on the trails between the ice, mud, and well….life.  I had to resort to the road and treadmill much more than I’d like the past few weeks.  And it has definitely changed my mood. The second race in the local trail series is tomorrow at […]

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