Embracing the Moment.

backlit clouds dawn dusk
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So, do you? Do you embrace the moment?  Do any of us, really?

When you see something that takes your breath away, do you stop? Do you enjoy that gift? Or do keep moving on to whatever is next?

When you talk with someone, do you look them in the eye? Do you really listen, and let them say what they need to say?  Or are you already thinking of what you want to say?

How often do people live life to the fullest?  I’ve always wondered about this.  I have worked in pediatric facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Why does it sometimes take a life threatening illness or accident for someone to slow down and take stock of things?  Shouldn’t we always be living life to the fullest?

What if we woke up everyday thinking that it was our last.  How would that change you?  Would you take the time to watch the sunrise?  Would you spend more time telling people how much they meant to you?  Would you change how you viewed your job?

A few years ago, we had a couple of medical scares in the family.  Two diagnoses back to back that were life changing.  And then, a couple of years after that, a very quick and awful illness that ended a life that was so precious to us all, it still seems unreal.

It really forces you to look inside of yourself, to find the real “you”.  What do you stand for? What is important to you?  Who do you love?  Do they know how you feel about them, do you them and show them everyday?

I hit the restart button.  I decided that I needed to make sure that I was living the life that I was supposed to, and in the way that I supposed to live it.

It has changed everything. I  feel blessed beyond belief.  I am so grateful for all of the gifts I get each day, that sometimes I feel completely unworthy.  Be humble, be thankful, and be blessed.

It’s not too late.  Start today, start now.

Run happy. Run long.


Amy is an ultramarathoner and triathlete, a coach, a mother of four, an Exercise Physiologist and a Physical Therapist. She lives with her husband, Dan (also an ultramarathoner and triathlete), and kids in Ohio.

bracelets dawn dusk friendship
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