It’s all downhill from here….

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This is it.

You’ve worked really hard to get here. Miles are done, you’ve trained well, you’ve planned well, you’ve brought your mileage to it’s peak and back down.

Time to prepare for the race this week.

This week is very important. There are a few do’s and don’ts. Some of these I’ve mentioned before, but it’s always good to review.

  1. Don’t do anything new on race day. No new shoes, new shorts, new fuel, etc.


  1. Put your stuff out the night before the race. Shoes, socks, body glide, sunglasses, hat, fuel, race bib, everything. Plan for the weather. Less thinking in the morning is always better.


  1. Think about what you’re eating this week. Especially in the last two days before the race. You will perform based on how you fuel your body. Stay hydrated and stick to food you can use.


  1. Most likely, you won’t get your best rest the night before the race. Usually, the night BEFORE the night before is the best night for pre-race sleep. Focus on getting to bed early and don’t stress out if you don’t sleep well the night before your marathon.


  1. Think about your life responsibilities before and after the race. Do you want Friday off of work? How about Monday so you can recover? Go into your weekend knowing what to expect.


  1. Lastly, remember to enjoy the ride. You have put in a lot of work. Enjoy the moment. When you get up on race day, you’ll be nervous. That’s good. Embrace it. When you get to the race and are in your corral, look around you and take it all in. Everyone around you is there to meet their goal, too. Enjoy the energy and excitement. When the race starts, keep your nerves in check and don’t go out too fast. Remember to take your walk breaks and hydrate: sip early, sip often.


Even when you’re hurting, take the time to look around you. Look at all of the people there supporting the race and thank them. Thank the people lined up to hand you water on the course. Give high-fives to the people cheering for you. Be grateful for where you are.

When you enter the finish, take it in. Look around, smile, breathe. You worked hard for this, and you did it. This is your accomplishment and you deserve it. Pat yourself on the back for all of the hours of commitment and perserverence.



Celebrate yourself!

Run Happy. Run Long.


Amy is a marathoner and triathlete, a mother of four, an Exercise Physiologist and an endurance athlete Physical Therapist. She lives with her husband, Dan (also a marathoner and triathlete), and kids in Lewis Center.



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