It’s Not Fair.

Another story in the news about a female runner losing her life. And for what? All she wanted to do was go for a run and do something for herself. She just wanted a little time to clear her head, to de-stress; she wanted a little freedom.   Instead, her life came to an abrupt end for absolutely no reason.

I just can’t take it anymore. I don’t know if it’s just easier to hear about these events happening due to social media and the internet, but I think I speak for all of my female cohorts when I say ENOUGH.

We did not start this problem. And we can’t make this problem simply go away by taking self defense classes, carrying weapons and mace, or by running out in the open during the day in well-populated areas.

So, when will we feel safe again? And where will we be safe?

I have no answer for these questions. I wish I did. It is sad and it also makes me angry to think that I can’t feel safe in broad daylight if I’m alone, even when other people are around. I can’t trust anyone anymore no matter where I’m at and what time of day it is. WHY?

Ladies out there, if you are not already in a running group, find one. Please. Be safe and run with other people.

Stick together, protect one another, lift each other up, empower one another; we can’t just give up. We didn’t start this fight, but we will finish it. Together.

Stay safe out there.


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