Get. It. Done.

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How do you get yourself out the door on the mornings where things are just bad. All bad. It’s raining, it’s windy, it’s cold. Maybe you just don’t feel like a long run today. Maybe you get some pings and pangs during the first couple of miles that make you think it’s not in the cards today.

Or, maybe, (my least favorite) you sense the beginning of stomach troubles early on in the run. Did you eat something funny last night and it’s coming back to haunt you?

At such an early point in your long run, how do you keep yourself moving? I know what I do. Shut off the negative talk. I have to shut it down quick, before it takes root. Often times, the best run comes out of the mess of the first 2-6 miles.

It happened to me just today. I had 15 on the schedule for today, and I was doubting it was going to happen. It has been raining since Thursday, and today is Sunday. I knew there would be flooding (there was), and I knew there was no chance that it was going to stop during my run (and it didn’t).

I headed out the door with absolutely zero expectations. If I didn’t get it done today, I’d try again tomorrow. I stepped off of the front steps and shuffled my way down the street.

I’m a bit older, so it takes me a while to loosen up and not look like an actor from The Walking Dead moving down the street. I just kept chugging away, waiting for my joints to cooperate. That finally happened after about a mile. On to the next obstacle….

The rain. Two miles in, and I’m already soaked. There’s a nice headwind to boot. Well, I told myself, it’s not going to get any better, so shut up and move on….

Next up, tummy troubles. Yesterday was football Saturday…..I had pizza. Yes, I had beer. Now, I pay the piper.

So, I chose to ignore all of the background noise, put in my ear buds, and I took the emergency exit. I let music flood my brain and release happy chemicals into my blood stream, and then…I soared.

It’s funny, once you chose to suck it up and move on, your body gives in and things start to click. I wound up getting the run done. And the best part is that the last 4 miles were my best. After mile 8, I just kept moving. Quicker, lighter, and easier.

So, just because that run doesn’t start off the way you had hoped, it doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. Get the job done. Yes, you can.


Run Happy. Run Long.

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